Yet another good time. .

Well hello there!

How is one doing?

I am still doing awesome sauce. Shock horror.

I’m just back from a wonderful trip to the beautiful Whistler, BC. Some much needed R&R at the hands of the Fairmont chateau. Cocktails, plenty grub, massages & bubble tubs! My fave was a trip to the Bearfoot Bistro, we ate a 6 course meal, wine and cocktails. Got to explore 20,000+ bottle wine cellar, followed by the Kettle one ice vodka tasting room, one of the coldest in North America. We had planned on going dog sledding but the weather put paid to that. Instead, we ended up on the mountain watching the world cup bob sledding & skeleton races, how cool?! We met some wonderful people on our trip and generally made great use of time off.

In 6 short days I am jetting off to Mexico for even more relaxation times. Beach bums & cocktails all around!

I am so excited for the semester to begin in January. I have been craving routine of late. My schedule is quite light, I only have 2 full days of classes and a 5 day week to myself. Well to work, but it sounds better if I say its for myself haha Eeeeeh school times. I am looking forward to my intro to mental health class, aswell as my  personal health, wellness and potential class. And of course a side of writing, with writing for the arts class.

What else is new… I’m not quite sure…

Love xo

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