WOW, has it been a hot minute?

I’ve been so sidetracked for the last . . Like, what? 8 months haha

I set up an Instagram account to continue my somewhat diary of how I was doing, but I got a bit complacent.

SO much has happened I just don’t know where to start and Instagram isn’t much of a rambling place you know? I like my rambles.

I’m just going to lay it all out there.

Scotland. New home. New jobs (plural). Quit jobs (also plural). New awesome job. New York. Quit smoking. Engagement. Psychiatric discharge. New dog. Promotion. Volunteering. 

Uuuuft. I think that might be it.



Could there *chandler face* BE any more to tell you?

 I’ve been living my best life, but don’t for a minute think that means bipolar still don’t try me. We have our moments but I feel like these days I’m handling it all so well.

My psychiatrist recently called me ‘the poster child for mental health recovery’, fucking NAILING it!

Who’da thunk it?

* 5 1/2 years in recovery.
* 2 1/2 years self harm free.
* 1 1/2 years on a stable medication regime.
* 1 year panic attack free.

Some days I go to bed in disbelief but every day I wake up filled with hope, and that my friends IS recovery.

I hope you are doing well.

 Much Love xo

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