We will NOT be silenced!

Damn guys it hurts to even write this, but recent developments have seen Instagram block content from the hashtags Bipolar Disorder BPD & Depression.

I am so mad, as is the rest of the community.

I’m fairly new to the Instagram world, but when I was really struggling I used it to source support, education and tools. Typing in #bipolardisorder opened me up to a world of awarness and connection, a true community of hope and inspiration. 

Years later I decided to join that community and use my voice in the same way – which has now been SILENCED.

I get that some content can be triggering and Instagram wants to protect and support its users from that, but they are picking and choosing which illness THEY deem dangerous. 

There are plenty of hashtags that have not been censored. . PTSD, Psychosis, Mania, Covid, Cancer, Heroin Addict. . And i’m not for a minute saying they are dangerous, what I’m shouting right now is who is Instagram to tell us what our illness means, what it is or isn’t. If you want to protect your community then do it to every relatable hashtag, don’t demonize a certain few. 

And that’s exactly what is happening, we are being stigmatized once more. Made to feel that we are a danger to ourselves and others. 

We want equality.

I was just chatting the other day about how far we’ve come as a recovery movement, no longer are we forced into electric shock therapy, tied up in straight jackets or STERILIZED because we ‘shouldn’t’ be reproducing. 

We have come leaps and bounds BUT this is a huge step backwards.

Some of my peers rely on this online community for support and connection. 

For some this is the ONLY resource they have, it helps them survive another day.

Read that again.

If it wasn’t for this community we would have lost many more warriors to mental illness.

This is our space, our voice, our safety.

Don’t take this away from us.

And if you feel like you really really have to, then make it fair. Don’t follow stereotypical views or stigmatize one illness over another. 

Level the playing field.

This is in no way OK, Instagram.

We are NOT glamourizing mental illness, we are not promoting it, NOR can you ‘catch’ mental illness from pictures or words. 

We are spreading awareness, educating and inspiring. We are providing hope and support for our peers AND ourselves.

We deserve to be here and we deserve to be heard!

. . . also last note, but they have blocked #Bipolardisorder and NOT #Bipolar. . to me this is promoting the use of the term bipolar for every day life without any rightful association to the fact that it is an ILLNESS, like OMG she is so #Bipolar – what because her mood changed?

 Right then, piss off Instagram.

Love xo

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