Timing is everything.

I had made it. New Scotland, New Natalie.

But in the wake of my life-changing experience and after the advice of more than a few people I had met on my travels, I started talking with myself about the idea that there might, maybe, possibly be something wrong.

My actions, emotions, visions, voices, all of the above, were not ‘normal’.

In fact, I couldn’t tell you another person that had had a similar experience. At least at that point.

And then the phone rang.

‘Hi, this is Andrew from Vancouver Island Mental Health’.

That phonecall moved the idea of ‘there might, maybe, possibly be something wrong’, to ‘there definitely is something alarming going on here’.

At the time I continued on my ‘I’m fine’ path, not wanting to be a burden on anyone else.

Plus, I couldn’t be crazy, God had told me I wasn’t. After all, I was an angel.

By then I had commenced the journey back to the island. I met up with some friends along the way and everything did seem somewhat ‘fine’.

Within a few weeks of being back in Victoria, I evaluated the last. . well, in all honesty, I thought over the last 14 years, but I paid specific attention to the past 6 months.

I needed help. 100%, I needed help.

I called Andrew, who promptly made an appointment with Vancouver Island mental health services.

And the rest is recovery baby!!

Love xo

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