I just posted an Instagram pic of me as a little un and it got me thinking about how awesome my mum is, and has always been.

I really DO NOT know where I would be without her.

She has supported all of my dreams, my good days & bad days.

For over 10 years she slept on a sofa bed so that I could have my own bedroom like all the other kids.

She would have holes in her socks, but as long as I didn’t, she was happy.

She worked tirelessly, often holding down multiple jobs. I was fortunate enough, because of all her hard work, that I got an annual vacation somewhere nice and hot – We spent many summers vacationing in Bulgaria, as well as many other places around Europe.

I never told her how important she was to me growing up. I was often in such a bad headspace that I never told her just how high she let me fly, and how grateful I was for that.

When I was 17 I told her I was going to Australia and she supported that with all her heart, even though her baby girl was moving to the other side of the world.

She was my number one cheerleader every time I signed up for, and then dropped out of, a university course.

When I finally got my qualifications, I country hopped to England and then onto Canada, and she never had a bad word to say about it.

When I skyped her mid psychosis, she did everything in her power to bring me back to reality.

When I told her about my biggest hospitalization and then filled her in on my years of anguish, self-harm and suicide attempts, she held me so close and wiped my tears.

She means everything to me and I couldn’t be more proud to call her my wee mawpaw.

Over the years we’ve travelled around the world, we’ve been on cruises, camping trips and everything in between. We’ve made memories that will never be forgotten and I just cannot wait till this is all over. .

Till the day I get to give my mumma a big squeeze, till the day I get to go wedding dress shopping with my best friend, till the day we meet again mumma bear <3


I hope you are doing well.

Love xo

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