The ups and downs of school life

I am so excited that the semester has started once again.It’s nice to have something to focus on, but I’ve quickly found my pitfalls.

The semester started off well, I was comfortable with my classes, engaged by the content and excited to learn. Last week I began nearing my first midterm and I could feel myself become anxious. I didn’t quite account for the adjustment period after having 3 months off of work and school. My sleep wake schedule seemed out of whack and my eating habits changed. I took myself straight to the doctors who gave me sleeping tablets and ordered a week off school.

I’m feeling better now but wow did that scare me. I could see an episode before my eyes.

A year without this illness and I’m still scared of coming down.

Anyway, I’m feeling much better now, it has passed. Phew!

Love xo

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