Another two weeks have passed and time for an update!

Where is the time going?

Last time we spoke I had just registered for summer semester,. WELL, that is the winter semester officially over. We rounded up with a tiny wee exam on Thursday and I’m now free for a couple of weeks before the next lot of classes start up.

Because I probably won’t have a break again until August, my supervisor has suggested I take some time off work to relax while I can. Which means another wee camping trip is on the cards of course (As long as tomorrows covid update doesn’t lock us down completely – we’re bang smack into our third wave).

I had an absolute rollercoaster of emotions last week after waking up to wiggly teeth – the horror!!! I got an emergency dental appointment in which they told me my teeth were destined to fall out real soon.

That information didn’t sit well and after realizing how often I hear of dental complaints on the ward, I did some research. 

Did you know that those with mental illness are over 3 times more likely than the average person to lose all their teeth? Absolutely mind blowing honestly. Even the medication I was on for a number of years increased the likelihood that I would need intricate dental care.

ANYWAY, all is not lost.

I got a second opinion and he assured me that there is 0% chance I am losing my teeth before my wedding next year. Pheeeew. More like next 5-10 years with some surgery, so we will start proactively planning and taking steps to make that as painless as possible.

What else. . . 


I got to knock another item off of the bucket list.

Last week I had the absolute privilege of being an extra on an upcoming Netflix show. It was so cool and of course, so surreal, to be on a Warner Brothers set for the day. I loved it and hope to do it again in the near future. Stay tuned for more details on exact show, episode and minute of my big TV appearance hahaha

The weather in Victoria has been just beaut this week and I’ve been sitting on the patio as often as possible. We are reaching the 20’s most days – even though it snowed like 10 days ago LOL, But yes, lots of sunshine. Which reminds me, I gots to go and have another beer in the sunshine . . possibly BBQ some burgs. 

I hope you have had the most fabulous week <3

Love xo

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