I haven’t written since March, what the damn hell!

It’s been way too long, but then I always say that haha

I’m sitting here with my planner in front of me determined to get this blog back on track. Thinking of the whimsical Rosey Tee blogging days and yearning for that same adventurous spirit to take me on another ride.

I have a plan AND i’m trying to hold myself to it.

But yes, where have I been all this time?

Summer has come and gone and boy it was a good one, but lets go back a few months…

After returning to work from my much needed stress and loss leave, I quickly realized that my time there was coming to a natural end. As things were changing and evolving at the organization, I saw the perfect exit to other opportunities – although it was a tough decision. I continue to have endless love and gratitude for everything the organization taught and offered me this past two years.

I am happy to say that I am still doing Peer Support work part time, whilst chipping away at the Positive Relations Media empire. This past 6 months we have seen the addition of Nutritional content, Yoga and Positive Psychology. Our contributors have some fantastic skills and passions to share with the world, and as we increase our reach and work towards in person activities, I am without a doubt in awe of everything my little baby is turning into!

I somehow picked up a little friend called Covid around April/ May time and that completely floored me. After getting on my feet from that, I was challenged by yet another health crisis (currently ongoing), but there will be more to say about that when the hospital either A) figure out whats going on or B) tell me the truth of whats going on.

Around June time we moved into a new apartment, which given our current housing crisis here on the island, could have been way more troublesome that it was. We have a cutie wee apartment by the water and closer to downtown than our last place. And, for not having viewed the place before signing a lease, we came out on top. Phheeeew.

And then there was HONEYMOON, hurrah!

Summer with a bang I tells ya.

Ontario – Rome – Florence – Venice – Glasgow

*Await incoming photo spam over the next few weeks haha

My goodness was it a glorious time, surreal, beautiful and everything I could have ever imagined plus some.

We had that much time off that we were both eager to get back to our working routine on return, who’da thunk it!?

So fast forward that 6 week vacation and we are right about here, sitting on my sofa catching you guys up haha – Back to doggy snuggles, home cooking, walks by the water, all things business and our lovely wee island community.

That was a lot to catch you up on AND i’m sure i’ve missed a bajillion things, but my head is already spinning from trying to remember the things I did write – lets not waste more headspace fussing over the lost bits and bobs haha . . as my mumma says ’If you can’t remember now, it must not have been that important to begin with’.

Much love and all the kisses xo

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