Sunday catch up. . . I was on the news!

Hello old friends, the year is in full swing after my back to back surgeries.

I’m healthy, happy, and after spending January/ February in recovery, ready to run at this year with some extra energy.

March has been so lovely, easing into new opportunities and finding a business flow that best suits my mental and physical health.

I’m sure happy the weather is perking up too, my mood has been great this past couple weeks thanks to the extra sunshine, and I’ve not noticed any feels of mania – which spring tends to gift me with!

At the beginning of the month I had the pleasure of speaking at the Victoria Event Centre. It was an evening variety show with the theme of Self Compassion, hosted by Imagine After Hours & PSR Collaborative. It was such a warm and comforting evening and it was nice to be speaking on stage instead of on zoom in my pyjama pants.

Imagine After Hours host a bunch of amazing free events for the mental health recovery community here in Victoria – be sure to check out their website and sign up to the newsletter to keep informed of the schedule.

Last weekend we went to Vancouver for the Paolo Nutini concert and to celebrate Miss Esthers birthday. The concert was fab and I got my customary late night Nandos wrap. Every time I’m there I have to eat as much yummy late night food as possible (second dinner styles), because the island doesn’t offer much more than pizza or McD’s past like 10pm.. . . but to be fair, I’m rarely up past 10pm, so its a total novelty when I’m in the city haha.

Annnnnd last update for the month of March, I WAS ON THE FREAKING NEWS.

Chek News ran a piece on me for their Inspirational Island Woman feature, how cool.

You can watch it here on the Chek News website

I’m so so grateful for this journey so far.

9 years ago, around this time of year, my mind began to unravel even more than I had already experienced till that point. I would often look at those early, very turbulent and hopeless years post diagnosis as lost time, but they led me to here. I hope that one day that doctor reads something I’ve wrote, watches me on a stage or see’s this recent news clip.

I let that prognosis be my downfall for too long, I let those words and labels limit my beliefs, shackle me, and often, pull me under.

As I said in the video ‘look at me now, look at all the things you told me I couldn’t do, that I am very capable of doing’.

I hope your March is going well 🙂

Love xo

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