Hi, just me,

I know it’s been a while. I just wanted to give you a little update!

Things have been going really well offline. I’ve tried to do some instagram stories here and there to keep you updated, but life has just been busy, and with its usual ups and downs.

Last month we founded a nonprofit, of which I am the executive director. Since joining the team back in spring it’s been the most wonderful project and I’m passionate about our mission and future. Social settings and opportunities are crucial to recovery and wellness. I always say ‘the best part about recovery is that you don’t have to do it alone’. These events are the essence of that; people coming together to support their wellness, share interests, connection, conversation and generally just have an enjoyable time away from hospital settings or ‘recovery groups’ as we know them.

We have a new strategic direction for PRM and I’m thrilled for past, present and future collaborations. We celebrated our second birthday recently with a music bingo party at a local pub. All funds raised went to the new nonprofit. It fills my heart that the work we do can support local initiatives such as this.

It’s not been all business, Mum came to visit from Scotland for a couple weeks. We had lots of fun and even managed a trip to Vegas. I loved having her here and I know I don’t get enough time with my mum – besides the wedding, it’s been maybe three or four years since she’s been over here for a proper vacation.

I do feel like I become a grumpy teenager now again when my mums here, and as much as I hate that, the general consensus is that’s just the par mother daughter response when spending a lot of time together. A big part of that for me is being thrown off my routine and it would happen if I spent a lot of time with anyone to be fair, not just mumma!!

Since January I’ve been working hard at honing my routine. I have the mornings down. Usually a two hour ease into the day with water, music, skincare, greens, vitamins, movement, intention setting, making my bed and gratitude. Sounds like a lot and maybe kinda boring or unnecessary to some, but it really balances me out. What I’ve realized though, is that it’s my evening routine that lets me down. Or maybe it’s my pre evening routine I should say. That gap between work and do not disturb on my phone haha specifically 4pm-8pm. Sooo maybe turns out I don’t have enough hobbies. Will work on that and report back ?

Steve and I are off to Hornby island in August and I just today realized that it’s been like 9 years since I’ve been there and I was feeling lots of symptoms of crisis back then. I got lots of flashbacks and feels today. Nothing a good sleep and maybe a wee cry at something obscure won’t fix haha seriously, been having wee cry’s at the oddest moments – like when Gordon Ramsey took of his disguise on his new tv show, or when the husband & wife in home improvement have resolved a disagreement or shrek haha (home improvement is on Disney now!!! Yas) Steve will be like ‘are you ok?’ And through blubbering tears I’ll just say ‘I’m so proud of them’.

My mental health has been doing pretty good even through the challenging times. I feel like I’ve never had a better support system in work, life and love than I do now.

Thank you interwebs for helping a big part of my growth. Without getting some of my thoughts and experiences down on paper. . Screen? Binary digits? . . Honestly, it helped a lot. It’s wild. But thank you nonetheless


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