1:1 Peer led Coaching

Do you want to work with someone who gets it?

Together we will explore illness, wellness, life and everything in-between, with the aim of honing your mindset, identifyng and mitigating obstacles, accentuating strengths, working to your fullest potential and creating an empowered life with confidence & joy.

Join me for 8 – 12 weekly meetings, between-call support, mindfulness practice, crisis management planning, goal setting, weekly journal prompts and/ or whatever else peaks you curiosity!

 As a peer mentor and facilitator I walk beside you as you establish your personal wellness tools and take control of your journey, with or without diagnosis.


Do you want to hear an in-depth story of lived and living experience at your organization or event?

I speak about my life with Bipolar Disorder, PTSD & Substance Use Disorder, and how I’ve learned to control the narrative after a  dim prognosis.

Consulting, Writing &

Perhaps you would like to change language or inclusivity of policies & practices at your organization?

Or even need consultancy on a new or expanding initiative?

Maybe you are looking for blog content or other collaboration?

Let’s work together to promote wellness in everything we do!


Are you interested in Suicide awareness & education?

I facilitate Suicide SafeTalk workshops in and around British Columbia, Canada.

Drop me a message below and I’ll let you know of my upcoming offerings.


'I' haven't felt so normal and hopeful on this journey since talking with you'
'I’ve been in psychiatry for 25 years and this is the best presentation I’ve been to in my life'
'Chatting with you has been the most humanizing part of my recovery'
‘I haven’t learned this much about Bipolar Disorder from personal experience in my entire career’
Drug Rep