Saskatoon to The Rockies & Beyond. . .

Once those qualifications were bagged and I made the move to London, I realized that I needed to keep moving. I needed to chase the person I thought I was, or could be.

I applied for a Canadian visa and soon left the UK armed with a guidebook for Canada & New Zealand (both of which I still have in my bookcase I believe!)

When I first arrived in Canada in 2011, I was still quite lost.

Pretty much as soon as a landed I looked for a job and fell into yet another rut. I was working two jobs and blowing off steam on the weekend. I found I had no real pleasure or joy from the little things and I was just working to live another day.

I’m so happy for the people I met in Saskatoon and although I was very depressed, they were some great times.

After living in Sask for around 6 months, my manager told me I would be waiting on him dying or retiring to get his job and that it would make more sense for me to apply for other management positions outwith Delta hotels.

I took his advice and was soon offered a management role which turned out to be on Vancouver Island. I had never heard of this place before!! Sure I’d heard of Vancouver, but Island? OK let’s go!!

I had a skype meeting on the Friday and they asked if I could be there by Wednesday, so in true Natalie style, I packed up my car and left for the West Coast on Monday morning.

It was such an exciting trip. The landscape was incredible and I picked up my first hitchhiker in Lake Louise. We saw mountain goats and even stopped for an avalanche canon. A true taste of the rocky mountains.

Reaching the city of Vancouver I was overwhelmed with a sense of excitement and as I drove onto the ferry I felt a tingle.

Little did I know this place would change my life.

I had some meetings with the team at Ocean Island and rounded my day off with a meal and some margaritas at Cafe Mexico.

Right then at that moment, I knew something big was happening, I just didn’t know what.

Love xo

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