I chatted in my last post about routine and I wanted to have a wee word about it.

In the past I hated routine. I always felt like it was binding and not conducive of spontaneity or adventure. Seriously, alarm clocks going off, eating at the same time every day and planning all the things. Uuuft, to be a 20 year old again ?

There were the more intense days where I would stay up till 5am coming up with some master plan, conspiracy or listening to god. And then those days where I lay in bed for 22 hours and was so dissociated that I can’t tell if I was sleeping or not.

In the early days of recovery I couldn’t manage a stable sleep/ wake routine, or even a good sleep at all. Some of it was the side effects of the many meds I was taking and some of it was the symptoms those meds were attempting to treat. And because I never knew when I would wake up or go to bed, I tended not to make many solid plans. I flaked on a fair few appointments back then.

The past couple years I’ve managed to increase my sleep quality and keep consistent. I’ve been able to fall asleep when I’m tired and sleep for however long my body needs (besides the odd midnight dash to the kitchen for snacks ?). All without the aid of sleeping pills – I was so happy to say goodbye to those I tells ya!

I’ve realized over time that I need a window at the start and end of every day to ease in and ease out. The little acts that wake you up or wind you down.

This is my current daily routine. . .

I keep it in my iCloud notes app and honestly, I’ve found it super motivational and oddly makes me feel more accountable. It’s become a staple in my days

A) having the list there all the time to look at and make sure I’m staying on track and B) Being able to tick of the checklist and feel a wee win rush to my head haha

I change the tasks and timing around from time to time to reflect my mood changes. I always lean on my crisis management plan – when manic or hypo manic, cut down activities and when depressed try to stick to routine as much as possible. On those low days I try not to be too hard on myself when I don’t tick many boxes. On those days just a couple of ticks is a big win.

When I wrote my last post, I spoke about not having any routine in my post work day/ pre bed routine. I try to keep this time for creative play or learning but honestly, I’ve not been feeling creative or playful at all.

I’m starting to see wee sparks of it here and there, which I hope to nurture over the coming weeks and months. I’m ready for a fresh burst of creative energy ✨❤️

Anyway, yes, routine. Got one. Love it. It helps me so much.

Do you have a routine?

Any tips for my creativity and play slump?

Have a great week xo

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