Progress not perfection

Hey beauties!

I’m like 3 weeks delayed on this Sunday Sofa Story post, oooops haha. I had good intentions, honestly, but you know how it goes, life and all.

When we last spoke I was just rounding up the semester and getting registered for summer semester. . well big fat NAH to that. I thought about it and thought about it some more. I’ve actually NEVER studied through summer and given that I’m prone to Bipolar rapid cycling in the summer, I thought better than setting myself up for failure. Plus there’s lots of things happening at work right now and I want to be there 110%, sooooo see you in fall MHA classes.

SO SOMETHING BIG HAPPENED. After my time on the Warner Brothers set last month, I got to talking to an agent and they seemed to love what I was doing in the Mental Health content creation realm. I shared with them my dreams of a Ted Talks and a published book, they can ask help me with many more opportunities for extra work and possibly acting, so I was just so thrilled to wake up a couple of weeks ago to a contract in my inbox. WTF, your girl has a contract with an agency. SO COOL. I have a photo shoot up island next week to get some head shots and content photos – I am pumped AND the bestie and I decided to make a girls staycay out of it, with some pedis, cocktails, dinner and an overnight in a hotel. Uuuuft YES.

My little soul sister Sandy turned 10 a few weeks ago. It blows my mind that time has passed so fast. It feels like she was just a puppy being rescued from California, now she is an old lady living her best Canadian life AND the vet told me she is built like a top athlete. Totes out living us all that one. She never has a fuck to give and gets the zoomies like a 2 year old haha oh my heart.

I got my cheeky little camping trip in that I mentioned last time and it was just wonderful to see some of my beautiful friends. It rained a lot, but honestly, who cares when you have a tarp, a campfire and some absolute sweethearts by your side. Hoping to get another trip in ASAP and purchased some extra gear for the occasion.

Two weeks ago was by one year anniversary of being discharged from Psychiatric care. CAN YOU BELIVE IT. I made it through a whole year without the care of a psychiatrist. I’ve not even been to the walk in for extra meds or interventions. Yeah, Ive had some turbulent days, but I’ve figured out how to manage it all by myself. Hell does that ever feel empowering and just, wow, progress. So proud and grateful for this journey of recovery <3

And on that note, although I won’t share all the details, I met with a spiritualist I crossed paths with in Cassadaga (psychic capital of the world) a few years ago and she had a lot of wonderful things to share with me. Something that resonated so loud and I’ll leave on this note. . . 

‘You are no longer a survivor, you are a healer’

Damn is that inspiring!

Much love x

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