Hey beauties,

Hows things?

I’ve had a weird couple of days because I am a complete silly goose!!

On Sunday I sat my meds on the counter before brushing my teeth, but then Millie came bounding in needing to go downstairs. I went straight to bed after walking her and to my horror when I went to the bathroom on Monday morning, I saw my meds staring right at me shouting ‘What the hell Nat!!”.

So yes, real dumb dumb move. 


Monday was gross. I felt so anxious all day and just weird weird feelings throughout my body. Chills, chest flutters, sweaty palms, flashes of light in my eyes when I moved my head too quickly. . . . 

It’s interesting that missing one dose can have such an impact.

Anyway, I caught up on meds (and sleep) and took it easy today.

Feeling like I’m starting to get back on top of it now!! Pheeew

Other than that I’ve been keeping it super low key since we last spoke.

Millie and I had dental surgery under IV sedation so we were groggy and sore for a few days but nothing sofa naps and pain meds couldn’t handle.

BUT, omg, I think Ive found my wedding dress!!

Well I HAVE but I have an appointment with a seamstress in March to see if it will 100% be the dress for me – fingers crossed.

Really not much else to report, Zoom/ Covid life am I right? (Defo been wearing pj pants all day haha)

Take care lovelies xo

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