So much for more regular blogging eh?

Haha over a month since we chatted last, but nonetheless, here I am!

Last month I had the most wonderful adventure and proudly represented our Positive Relations Media team at the first annual Global Exchange Conference at Walt Disney World, Florida.

Gosh to say it was life changing would be an understatement. I learned so much from the seminars and felt deeply inspired by the interactions, it truly was a dream come true. It was four days packed with wisdom and insight from some of the worlds most influential figures in the field of Mental Health and Substance Use.

Learning from the like of Dr. Stephen Porges, Deepak Chopra and one of my all time faves, Dr. Gabor Mate – which I was very fortunate to have had a somewhat public counselling moment from Gabor, and even though it opened up some wounds, it gave me an enormous space for introspection and growth. Until that moment I genuinely thought I practised self compassion, but to what extent? This moment gave me clarity. I have not yet shown myself the wholeness of self compassion. . At least not for little Nat. The girl that got left behind when trauma and suffering took over.

I’m walking beside her now and I’m ready to let her explore light and dark with all her heart. I’m ready to teach her the things that no one taught her back then, and I’m ready to lift her up to heights she never imagined possible.

To infinity and beyond!

Love xo

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