My Crisis Management Plan

Behold, the crisis management plan. As mentioned before I work on a few handy scales, this being one of them. As you can see it is divided up into mania on the left and depression on the right. The first page lists symptoms and the second, care strategies. Both of which work on a colour coded severity scale. 
Both symptoms and care strategies have been thought out very carefully. This chart has been tweaked more times than (insert famous drug addicts name). I’m pretty sure it encompasses everything that I have experienced, and all that I know to help those experiences for the better.

This thing has been an absolute god send. I gave a copy to all of my close friends and family. It has allowed them to understand the illness and their role also. I suggest that everyone dealing with bipolar has one of these, and really takes heed when symptoms start to move into different levels.

Love xo

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