Taking my Instagram down memory lane this past week and it got me thinking of the impact my bipolar had on my travels.
Mostly it made me fearless and any opportunity to have fun and be wild that arose, I was on it with no questions asked! 
I took a bikini barmaid job and travelled around Australia, pouring pints in my swimming gear. I even ended up bartending for a *cough* well-known bicycle gang but, hey! I was young and brazen haha
My hypomania meant that I never really questioned the dangers of anything, I just ran at it. 
I felt on top of the world when I was travelling, but some days were harder than others. Some days I would stay in bed all day with lots of tears. Some days I was known for being bold.

It was a mixed bag.
Besides some of those askew emotions, I wouldn’t change a thing.
I really urge anyone who’s unsure of their next steps but has a desire to explore, GO TRAVEL. It sounds so silly but go find yourself. Go find what and where you love, who you are as a person and where your comfort zones are. It’s unreal what you’ll learn about yourself and hopefully, you’ll have a great time doing it!
Love xo

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