Long weekends for the win

Ahhh happy Sunday beautiful!

Its family day weekend here in BC and what a lush time it’s been so far, Not because we’re gallivanting or indulging as we so often do, but because I listened to my body and built a slow weekend schedule to fill my cup.

Honestly, losing Millie still hurts so much and health challenges on our journey to parenthood persist, it feels like a lot.

Nonetheless, I’m keeping my head up, getting the work done and laughing when I can.

My trip to Toronto in January was amazing. The feedback from my time on stage was heartwarming. You really never know who’s listening to your story and how it can impact them. Big thank you to Abbvie for the opportunity.

I guess there’s not really a lot else happening. I’m finally giving myself the kick up the bum to start creating more offerings in mental wellness, navigating diagnosis and beyond. It’s coming together!!

Wee Sandy is going in for some dental work in a week or two here. She has an infection that has spread to her sinuses, so she’ll be getting a wee flush out and some extractions, hopefully be feeling on top of the chiwee kingdom once more.

I’m getting the feeling that we need another little rascal in here soon. . It’s so different having the one dog again, Sandy could be doing with a little buddy.

My friend Syd came over at the end of January for her birthday and we had a fabulous time cruising the waterway in a hot tub boat – on that note, I turned 36 sometime since my last update haha it was super low key, although the Social Gathering Place family made me feel so special with a surprise song and gifts. My heart.

Oooh on Friday, for random acts of kindness week, Positive Relations Media (in partnership with Social Gathering Place and ICMH) hit the community with flowers and home made cookies to share gratitude and kindness with other wonderful organizations support our community. Even though Friday was a really hard day, this activity provided connection with so many beautiful people that it really shifted my mood and helped me release some anxiety.

Kindness & connection can heal our troubles immensely ♥️


I’m waiting on my groceries being delivered then I’m off to a Nordic spa circuit. Self care for the win this weekend ??

Love xo

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