Ladies and gentlemen, we have an imposter. .

No seriously. What is going on. We’re on month 11 now and still no negative signs of this illness, it’s amazing.

I have been having way too much fun this year and actually enjoying it. Bipolar who?

It’s so weird, but the mood has remained in tact. Through back to back events or even a 35 hour journey home from Scotland. Mood. Stable.

I am so freaking happy. In a short time here, it will be one full year without an episode. 1 full year.

I never knew this was possible.

But anyway, calm it Janet.

I just got back from a trip to Scotland. I was home for a wedding, as one of my favourite wee besties was tying the knot. It was an absolutely glorious day, and I managed to give a speech without vomiting, score!

Me and mumma got in a week to spain with my aunt and uncle. So much fun. I love my family so much. I opened up and shared about this illness, they were so understanding and comforting. It really is great to have such a solid support network.

I caught up with just about everyone I’d hoped to see. I was even thrown a surprise 30th birthday lunch.

Awww I do have the best friends and family. I am truly spoiled with love.

Here are some of my fave snaps. .

Love xo

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