Judgement, the first impression bias.

I was casually drinking my tea the other day and noticed this wee quote on the teabag.

We are all guilty of judgements, but does this first impression bias taint our experience?

Typically we judge and or hold bias based on our world view, our collective experience of good and bad. We are often so quick to put something in a box when it creates familiar and non familiar emotion.

For me it takes away from the curiosity and wonder of what will be – I have labeled this situation and therefor it is. Void of exploration or examination, it just is what I have made it from my own judgement.

We all know the phrase ’Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but I tend to select my reading material both on the artistic presentation of said book and by the wee fancy tagline that draws you in – the peek into the book without actually reading the book.

But if we all had a tagline would it truly explain who we are? Does our initial perceived presentation, tagline or not, truly denote what we hold in our hearts?

Would you read a book that promised to be only half way enticing?

Or would you want to explore what, when and why the magic sometimes fades?

Maybe, like our judgements, the cover isn’t telling us the truth of it all and I’m trying to push myself to explore the parts of our judgements that hold us back.

The person you see on the street that you walk a little further away from. Why? What are we scared of? What are we judging that might not be all its made out to be? What bias has stopped us walking shoulder to shoulder with another living being?

Our societal norms are quick to pass judgement, but we don’t have to.

For a flower is only a weed when we make it so.


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