Wow, that was a week. The weekiest of weeks!

I managed to catch the old COVID and it was a really rough time. I struggled hard with the fever and body aches, as it was all encompassing. I even fell over with the fever dizzies, trying to get in the shower and almost had to buy a new wardrobe with the amount of times I changed my sweaty clothes haha

But I made it through and ready to rock the first week of October with some fire in my belly ?

This weekend has been very relaxed, getting my body and mind ready for the week of catch up ahead – although we did get a bunch of chores done and our home has had a wee fall clean, awaiting candles, cold nights and cups of cocoa.

Today we took a stroll in the rain, as the leaves peppered the ground like pumpkin in your latte, mmmm my favourite season is upon us and I couldn’t be happier.

Things have been going great in non profit and business life and I’m exceedingly excited for things to come.

On the path to changing our Positive Relations Media strategic direction, I realized more than ever that more hands on deck were needed. And so, a couple of months ago, I extended an invitation to one of our contributors to join the business as a partner. It’s been one of the best decisions, not only does she bring an electric work ethic and abundance of ideas, but she balances out my business brain when I need it most – we were at a business networking event recently and I called her my work wife, so true though ?

Our songwriting workshop has kicked off at Greater Victoria Social Gathering Place Society and I see only more great offerings and social opportunities for our community on the horizon. The feedback on our programming, the people we serve and the impact we are having, is a drive I never want to let go. Truly heart warming stuff and I feel so blessed to walk this journey with my peers.

On October 28th I will be taking the stage with The Connection Project and some brave, creative souls, to tell our stories. Again, lucky ducky right here. I’ve been offered so many opportunities to share the road I’ve taken with Bipolar & Psychosis, and it puts such a big smile on my face knowing I’m doing exactly what the pain of my past brought me here to do ♥️

So much gratitude for this moment of being, my previous life and all the things my future holds.

My mental health has still been pretty much in check. I mean, I of course still have my mood swings. Floating every now and then between hypomania and depression is something I’m very well versed in. My biggest achievement to date will always be managing those fluctuations, and staying true to that, is my arena of mental wellness.

My epicentre of mental health xo

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