I keep getting sidetracked and not blogging – I’m the worst!! Trying to keep up with all these channels is exhausting and I don’t want to be posting the same content on the blog, Instagram and YouTube . . Trying to keep it fresh, you know? ?

Anyhoozles, besides incoming dental work for me and the chiwee, life is pretty good.

Every time I get home from work I want to pinch myself, like how has been in desperate crisis and years of mental illness led me to here?


So grateful for everything the universe has handed me and thankful for all the hard work I put in to get here.

My job is so rewarding and I feel like the luckiest girl around.

What else, what else. . 

I actually don’t think there is much else to report honestly.

I thought I had Covid recently! But alas it was just some other bug mixed with a tooth infection, which significantly lowered my immune system and made me think I was at deaths door.

Ergo the upcoming dental work BUT I’m not getting into that because it’s genuinely stressing me right out.

Mmmm I’ll think of some more things on the next update, promise ❤️

ACTUALLY, I just remembered something cool. . I’m going to try on wedding dresses next week. WEDDING DRESSES.

Who is this woman, I like her haha

Much love xo

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