I’m still here.

I took my ass to the woods and turned off for a few days.

Mother Nature has such a soothing effect on my moods or ehm, mania ?

After waking up at 3am for the best part of a week, the fresh air and ocean breeze filled up my lungs enough to allow a daily sleep in until 8.30am at the earliest. Wooohooo.

Houston, we have a cure.

Well, maybe more of a care strategy than a cure but every little helps right?

I’m still a bit scattered. Less scattered. I’ll take it.

You know,  I’m overwhelmed with gratitude for the team I work with. They have genuinely done so much to support me and continue to impress me with their care and attention.

I’ve had some really wonderful employers over the years, but being truly open and genuine about my mental illness and subsequent needs, is a complete breath of fresh air.


She gave me the go ahead that the dress will in fact be the dress. So happy.

Also, I should go to bed cause some guy on Facebook is winding me up, talking about Covid being a lie AND I am completely taking the bait.


Right then, bed time haha

Much love xo

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