The close of the year always brings up mixed emotions for me, and to be fair it’s been a hard year. Memories of time passed and reflection of could haves always play on my mind at this time, but for as much sadness lingers, there has been a healthy amount of pure joy experienced this past year and I reflect on that with an immense gratitude.

From launching our Positive Relations Media wellness hub to soaking up perspectives at the global exchange conference in Walt Disney World, it sure has been a successful year for our team. Coupled with the reach of my blogging journey and amazing collaborations including an Abbvie presentation and a podcast with the Canadian consortium for early psychosis – a few of my highlights among the many many exciting opportunities that were extended to me in 2022.

We travelled Italy on our honeymoon and made priceless memories with our friends and family. We moved house, jobs and on more than a few occasions skirted with the boundaries of health and wellness. We faced a bunch of challenges – We won some, we lost some, but we became stronger in the process. We celebrated our first anniversary as husband and wife and welcomed in a new year with our closest friends.

The year kicks off for me with two back to back surgeries, which I am equally pleased and nervous about. I hope to take better care of my mind and body and there’s no better starting point than here.

I hope 2023 is a fruitful year in happiness, health and curiosity!

My wish is that wherever you are that you feel whole in your hopes and aspirations, that you feel love in all that you do and that you stay eager to explore the mystery of existence.

Happy new year lovely xo

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