Coming to you from 30+ degree heat in my apartment at 8.30pm. Its absolutely roasting in BC right now. We’re melting and currently sitting in the bedroom with the portable air con cranked haha, Sandy & Millie have little cooling vests on that my mum sent for them in a care package. You soak them in water to take some of the heat off and they seem to be quite happy with the results. I just watched a news clip that said 4 dogs at just one vet on the island died this weekend with heat exhaustion, so so sad.

Anyway. . its been quite the busy few weeks. 

My wedding dress is officially hanging in the closet hurrah! The seamstress says I can lose or gain 5 pounds between now and the wedding so that’s quite good, don’t need to stress too much, but I am going to start going back to the gym to just get a bit fitter. Mostly so that I can cycle further distances since I got a new bike recently. Hoping to get out as much as possible and maybe get a wee summer trip to the Okanagan to cycle around vineyards and you know, drink delicious wine in the sunshine.

Last week was the first time I went to pub to watch the football with all the Scottish lads in years. Much pints and much fun, even if the hangover was absolutely brutal and we didn’t win the game haha

I’m all registered for fall classes and looking forward to getting back on campus soon. I had a wonderful wonderful in class peer support training workshop recently and it was soooo good to be back in person, connecting and sharing ideas. I was very fortunate to be in the first class of the new BC curriculum and very very happy to learn that Island Health has now hired peer supporters in health care locations all over the island woop woop. Its such an inspiring community and I am just so chuffed to be part of this movement. Its quite introspective work in parts and I also had a bit of a mood change for a week or two there, so it made for some sleepless nights and tear-filled days, nothing I couldn’t sit with (uncomfortably right enough) and explore. Feeling better now (well apart from being ridiculously hot).

On the hot hot heat chat, we went tubing down the Cowichan river yesterday, I can’t believe ive lived here for 9 years and never been tubing down the river!! Incredibly relaxing and I’m happy I wrapped myself in sunscreen and long sleeves because daaaamn did people look like burnt toast by the end of it. 4 hours baking in the heat, yeah, that’ll do it. 

Ooooh we had our webinar for Douglas college on Friday. We had quite a few technical difficulties but I think it was good. I know I’ll watch it and re watch it, pointing out all the flaws, but hopefully I’ll learn better ways for next time. I just hope my passion came across. It’s very easy for me to get swept up in things I love and I’ve been worried that lately I’m coming across in the wrong way. Like, things have been going extremely well these past few years and I don’t want to seem cocky or obnoxious, I just genuinely feel on fire when I’m talking about my work and the impact of it!

And on that note – Positive Relations Media business registration is now officially filed. It was supposed to be done a couple of months ago, but there were some setbacks and we had to readjust the direction. Either way we are now officially registered yaaaay. I’ve got quite the 5 year plan and I’m just so excited to get to work on it. I first registered this business 7 years ago and then had the biggest episode of bipolar psychosis i’ve ever had in my life. I feel like I’ve come back around, this time with a clear head and a driven soul. I’ve never wanted anything more. 

I think some ice cream is needed right now and I’m hoping I didn’t already demolish the Ben & Jerrys I bought the other week!!

Love & hugs xo

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