I love the slowness of Sundays, although admittedly most of my days have found a slow flow to their routine, Sunday to me is that refresh and reset for the week ahead.

Things have been going well and I feel blessed and fortunate for life’s gifts of late.

I’m taking on the position of Executive Director for a local non profit and PRM is carving out greater community engagement and partnerships. Knowing that running a non profit will take up the majority of my time, I will be leaning on my team to take the reins of PRM. It’s an exciting step expanding the team out-with contributors and hiring our very first employee!!

I’m so proud of what we’ve built over this past couple of years. Even though it’s been a whirlwind of sorts, it’s also been humbling to see all these little steps form something so impactful and meaningful.

On a whim the other week, I decided to pop to the hairdressers and get a new look. I haven’t had hair this short since I was in high school!!

Steve spent may building a bench and it looks pretty fabulous in my opinion. Goes nice with our dining table and should be a staple in our home for years to come.

There looks to be more dental work on the horizon but the end goal is in sight. I’m looking forward to the day I can be proud of my smile and free from the anxiety of losing more teeth. The gum grafting was a huge help in stabilizing some of my loose teeth but a couple more treatments and I should hopefully have even more security on my lowers, as well as a new tooth to fill the gap in my upper. Oh man will I be happy to say goodbye to my flipper tooth. I’m totally over clipping a tooth in every day and honestly, I often don’t wear it because it’s not great with hard foods and dental adhesive doesn’t at all last as long as they make out.

Anyway. . another day, another tooth rant. Am I right?

Time for me to drift off to sleep ❤️

I hope you have the most wonderful week.


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