Guess what?! ** Does a little dance **

Hurrah! Hurrah!


I am like a frantic little child right now, but I have good cause.


How freaking amaze balls is that. I can’t believe it myself. I checked the calendar just the other day and I was reminded of just how good my good mood has been. It’s gonna be 4 full months at the beginning of April.

Now this is an entirely new feeling to me. If I were to be completely honest, I would say life hasn’t been this smooth a sail since I was in my early teens. That’s almost 15 years to put it into perspective.

I spent my first couple of happy months worried about what I thought was an inevitable spiral. I’ve just gotten to thinking. . what if that doesn’t even happen? What if this is it. What if I now have the medication schedule and care strategies in place that keep me on a steady playing field. What if. Eeeeeehhh I’m so back flipping, forward flipping excited.

Home life has been good, work life has been good, school life has been good, relationships have been good, overall health has been good. The only thing I’m really missing out on, (according to the handy Crestbd Quality of life tool) is my spiritual side of life. . and there is a very big, psychosis ridden reason for that, but hey, life is my freaking oyster. Maybe now is the time for my spirituality to blossom, who knows.

Anyhoozle. I’m gonna bring my excitement down to a 9 and write a paper for school, I mostly just wanted to share.

Love xo

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