Goodnight to another Sunday

 Another week gone and a beautiful sunshine filled one at that.

I’ve been rather busy this last two weeks training to become a WRAP facilitator. I’ve absolutely loved learning how to create space for people to walk the path of wellness recovery and I can’t wait to facilitate my first workshop.

I know I said it last post, but I really love my job and my coworkers.

Besides that there’s not been much else going on.

I’m definitely feeling back to normal now after that rocky couple of weeks, thank goodness.

Ooh I registered for the summer semester on Thursday, that was a thing I’ve done. I can’t believe I’m almost finished the course. One more semester then practicum baby!!!

We’ve went a bit backwards in BC with rising Covid numbers, so no more trips to the pub haha although we made up for it by cooking a roast dinner last night, paired with some drinks and quality family time.

I thought the end was in sight but I’m starting to think we have a couple more waves coming our way. . Especially with inconsiderate tourists imposing themselves on our small islands and communities. On the plus I’m now booked in for my vaccine, so that’s something to look forward to.

Omg my friend gave me an air fryer and I foresee an obsession coming on hahaha I made some French fries & chicken wings already today and now I’m on the hunt for something else!

Wish me luck ❤️

Oh and happy Easter beauties!!!

Love xo

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