Whoooah time is just flying by.

We had our summer getaway to Hornby Island it was just magical ✨

We got out on the paddle boards most days, wading the water alongside eagles and seals. Took ourselves to the lovely wee island market, winery, hikes, bikes & everything in between. The glamp-ground was lush, located on a cider farm, with beachfront views.

On our way to Hornby, we stopped for a night in Qualicum beach and on the way back I surprised Steve with a stay at our wedding venue in Parksville. Tigh Na Mara is, and always will be, such a special place for us and we rounded off the trip with a day of cave hiking. Not gonna lie, I was anxious as all hell but Steve and a sweet young child gave me pep talks as we crawled around the caves haha.

It’s wild to me that summer is over already, but here we are. Steve is back at work and I’m busy working away on the business and non profit, with a steady work/ life flow.

Over the past couple weeks I’ve been getting right back into a social media routine, which has been quite fulfilling. With the new business direction taking shape, I’m finding the joy in writing and content creation once again.

We have had a Vancouver trip planned to see the arctic monkeys for over a year now, but at the last minute we have had to cancel due to not having a doggy sitter ?

To be fair it’s probably for the best! We are saving hard for the day we have a little one running around and I’ve been hyper focused on tightening my wellness routines in preparation.

I’ve successfully cut alcohol and marijuana out of my life and finding such a powerful lust for the little moments, those glimmers in life that make up the bigger picture.

It’s funny though, well I guess not all that funny really – but now that I don’t have these substances in my system, I’m feeling and observing a wide range of emotions, as well as past memories and traumas.

I’m staying curious with it and enjoying this opportunity to move through past hurts. When we shut down intensive trauma therapy a few years ago, it was for the best. These days I feel even more equipped and ready to do the work.

As the season changes, I’m excited for the upcoming fall feelings. Hot teas, crunchy leaves and dark nights mmmm, my favourite season.

I hope you had a wonderful summer xo

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