Good Night Rosey Tee, Good Morning Lithium Daydreams

After three years of blogging under the name Rosey Tee, a place where I shared my transition from Scotland to Canada, and all the adventures in between. I hangup my coat and pick up the umbrella.

It is now time to start a new writing project. A project that is very close to my heart and will follow my new journey in dealing with Bipolar disorder.

I hope to share with you, the ups and downs I deal with on a day to day basis; the roller coaster life that is one of mental illness.

I swear here today that I will try to stick to the point, no veering off or being swayed by product placements and paid posts.

Pure and simple writing is what I seek.

I have found an honest, creative outlet in writing and wish to continue with that.

Follow me on my journey of intense emotion, medication, psychiatric practices and self care strategies.

Together we can work to manage, not struggle, with mental health disorders.

Love xo

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