Hey you!

I hope your November is off to a good start!

Wow 2 months left of the year. .

This past weekend I spoke on stage at the connection project and taking words right out of my presentation, it was pure magic ✨

Sharing my journey is something I’m so passionate about, not for accolades or praise, but to ensure others going through the same challenges never feel as alone as I once did.

When I got on stage, something shifted. During rehearsals I was crying and felt the weight of my story, but when those stage lights hit me and I uttered my first words, I couldn’t stop laughing in my wee head at how absurd it really was.

I mean, not the years of trauma, depression, anxiety, self loathing, suicidal ideations or self harm – but the period that actually landed me in the psych ward. The 6 months in which I believed I was Jesus himself, lived in my car, was as delusional as delusional could be, and then to be told I had no future to look forward to and that I would be perpetually ‘ill’. WILD.

I guess I see the humour now being so far passed that point, but boy did it give me a chuckle and made for (so I’m told) a great presentation.

The kind words I’ve received since being on that stage have filled my cup 10 fold ♥️

In other news, hubs had surgery last month to remove a lump from his face. Besides a pretty meaty scar and some antibiotics, he’s doing pretty well and should be back to work real soon (work from home Nat breathes a sigh of relief haha jokes).

I guess I alluded to it but never fully told you on previous posts – they found a lump on my cervix a year and a half ago. It’s been a long ride of biopsy’s, colposcopy’s and procedures but the latest biopsy has proven benign and we have been given the green light to start our wee family!!!! Ahhhh

Jeez do I wish I could meet that doctor again. I wish I could tell him how wrong he was.

Look at me doing the things. .

Well let’s not get too far ahead, the season change got me good. Seriously, sleeping in 12 hour shifts these days and I can just feel the depression setting in BUT doing everything in my power, as usual, to manage it with ease ✌️

Mmmm I can’t think of any bigger updates than the above to share. . And it’s about time I clocked in for my 12 hour sleep. .

Love xo

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