It’s that time of year where you think the weathers changing for the better and you wake up the next day to snow haha it’s a wild thing seeing flowers blossom for springtime as the snow falls around them.

I have officially returned to work and school after a leave of absence and it’s great to be back at it. I have missed the connections and learning that comes with this work and I’m excited for the year ahead – tonight I cofacilitate my first every WRAP workshop for students from the University of Victoria, I’m super excited and appreciate all the guidance and support MHRP have offered me over the past year and a half.

Married life is just lovely, albeit the same as relationship life haha We are saving hard and making moves to buy our first home.

Recently I got access to my doctors notes and I was shocked to learn that I have 4 diagnoses on my file as opposed to 2. It’s taking some time to make peace with it, but at the end of the day it is what it is and it doesn’t change who I am. If anything it offers more introspection and room for growth.

This past few months, with all its turbulence, I’ve been relying heavily on my emergency meds. I’m going to make a conscious effort to try and get off them as I’m sleeping so much and feeling pretty spacey on the regular. They’ve helped a lot in my time of need, but it’s time to get back to more manageable coping strategies that don’t impact my day to day life so forcefully.

Positive Relations Media is starting to come into its own and we have a pretty sweet project coming up which we are just thrilled to be a part of. Keep your eyes peeled ? 

I actually don’t think I have that much to share this month. . Wee Millie has been told for the second time in a year that she needs a stricter diet and more exercise, just a few munchies away from obese says the vet!! Poor wee girl. I can only think that living on the streets she didn’t have much of a consistent meal intake and now she’s getting two steady fillings a day. She’s been put on special metabolism foods and getting dragged out for walks rain or shine, much to her dismay.

I’m off to Nanaimo on the weekend to support our annual naked bungee fundraiser, although I’m too scared to jump, I’ll be helping with hot dogs and coordination.

Well, that’s the rundown from me. 

Better get the day started!

Love and hugs xo 

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