Don’t listen where it’s not needed.

I was talking with my psychotherapist the other day and he pointed something out that we often don’t realize. . .

There is a difference between conscience and self-critic.

That voice we hear within ourselves is often questioning our thoughts and actions, but what is it actually saying?
Sometimes we affect our conscience. Maybe we went against our values, or for me, it’s often when I don’t contribute to the greater good, when I become the negative thinker in a situation. My conscience gets rattled and I feel guilty. Maybe it’s something bigger playing on your conscience, you were mean, you broke a law. . And sometimes you should feel guilty if you have done wrong. It’s not always black and white of course, but we all know when we are doing something we shouldn’t
Now, on the other hand, when it comes to everyday guilt, hell I think it’s overrated. We hold ourselves to such high standards that we feel guilty for almost anything these days. Well, I do at least. Have to cancel a meeting with friends to look after me; riddled with guilt. Didn’t eat healthy enough for the week; you suck.
But do we need to feel guilty about everything?
Sometimes that voice is our self-critic. The voice that gives you shit for things not going the way you planned. The voice that holds you accountable to the highest of expectations.
You know what? 
FUCK that voice.
Constructive criticism is welcomed but negative criticism is toxic. 
That inner critic can run rings around you, but hold yourself accountable for the way you listen to it, the way you react to it. 
Sometimes it’s overpowering and sends you into destruction, I am highly aware of that. I’ve spent the majority of my life fighting with that, but it can’t be a fight, its got to be a knockout. A win of epic proportions, and that win? YOU of course. You can overpower that stupid little critic. 
Look at how far you’ve come. Look at how much you have achieved. Look at the love you have surrounding you.
YOU are better than some lingering feeling of doubt, hopelessness and low self-worth.
Filter out what is helping you and what is hindering you. Just like you would a rotten apple in the bushel. Don’t consume it, get rid of it. 
Ahhhh, I needed that.
Writing is so cathartic, even if it is just to rant and reinforce my thoughts.
Love ya <3

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