The past while. . Dare I say year, has been lots of napping and sickness.

Folks said the Covid years were simultaneously the longest and shortest years of their lives, well this for me, has equally been the best and worst year.

Exhausted, depleted, all mixed with exhilarated and excited.

Alas, I am grateful that these mixed states of emotion and mood as they are in line with most these days. I’m unsure if that is a celebration of my growth, or a sorrow party for the impact society and subsequent environments is having on mental health at large.

I’m ready for the new year.

I hope everyone gets what they need over the holidays. Whatever you need to do for you is what’s most important.

Take the break.

Set the boundaries.

Don’t feel guilty for what you do or do not have.

Fill your cup with exactly what your heart needs to stay warm ❤️

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