Sunday Sunshine

Another two weeks have passed and time for an update! Where is the time going? Last time we spoke I had just registered for summer

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Hi, Friends!

I’m still here. I took my ass to the woods and turned off for a few days. Mother Nature has such a soothing effect on

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Here we go, again!

Ah spring, you tricky little bitch. I’m all for sunshine, but the season change is a real head spin. I’m not gonna lie, I’m struggling.

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Ooops a daisy!

Hey beauties, Hows things? I’ve had a weird couple of days because I am a complete silly goose!! On Sunday I sat my meds on

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Hi, its me!

I keep getting sidetracked and not blogging – I’m the worst!! Trying to keep up with all these channels is exhausting and I don’t want

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let’s work together on something special