Blink & it’s January

I feel like I missed a chunk of time, but rightly so, I guess.

Since we last spoke things were going well.

November we had an awesome little community art market, a collaboration from Greater Victoria Social Gathering Place Society and Island Community Mental Health.

It was a wonderful day and our best attended event yet!

At the beginning of December, I had another fabulous opportunity to join the Canadian consortium for early intervention in psychosis. This time we recorded a round table discussion bonus episode – the new season will be out real soon.

I was on a roll with work for the first part of December and then. Uft. I hate writing this, all the feels. We lost our wee Millie bobillie ♥️??

Our hearts are broken. She was the best little dog in the world, but sadly she was too sick by the time she started showing discomfort.

I think I’ll write a post on its own about how I’m feeling, and dealing, with the loss of Millie. It’s still quite hard at the minute.

I will say, I’ve had quite a few public melt downs over the past few weeks and I feel such overwhelming gratitude for the kindness of strangers, fam & friends too of course, but wow. Thanks for all the hugs and words of hope in the store isles, check outs and dog walks.

So as you can imagine, the holidays were pretty low key. We didn’t go to our usual winter paradise with the dogs, because, well, you know.

I eased into work real slow the past few days and looking forward to getting back into it next week.

OH OH, there was something I meant to tell you!! I’m off to Toronto in the next little bit to speak. I’m like, ridiculously excited.

Anyway, happy 2024 and all that. I hope the holidays were lovely and I’m wishing you the best for the year ahead,


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