Better late than never.

 I’m still here, I promise!!

Things have just been such a whirlwind since being Covid let go from my job (again) and starting school.

We are now mid semester and things are going really well. Most days I’m coming out with 90-100% on my assignments but I’m finding some of the course work a little hard to take… 

First off, as an immigrant, I have been severely naive to the atrocities settlers imposed on Indigenous peoples. I have been holding back from watching all of the course videos on residential schools as it is just horrific, but I know I have to educate myself if I want to support and advocate for good and justice. 

Further to that, we have been tackling tough empathy and its clear to me that I still have some work to do on compartmentalizing … like what if my clients actions or behaviour go completely against my own morals… Ive got to step in if something is unlawful of course, but mostly, Ive got to support this person in crisis. Ive got to separate the two. I’m learning and I have the rest of my life to work on it and thats it right, this whole career change is going to involve life long learning and growth. Its going to be as beneficial for my journey as it is to my clients. 

I also had my very first interview for the field and although I didnt get the job, 5 of us were selected for an interview out of 50 applications AND I was number 2 to the post. Very exciting for my first attempt!!

Other than that Ive been working on my wellness goals. I started a 16 week program with one of our PR Media bloggers but I’ve been letting myself down a wee bit. To come back from it, I have decided to enlist the help of a personal trainer to work one on one with my fitness aspirations. Extra portions of fruits and veggies, meditations, more hikes and some gratitude are the simple tweaks I am making to promote body and brain health… hoping to have more success in the coming months than I have done in the previous 4 weeks but hey! baby steps is key.

Well, I think youre caught up.. lots of doggie snuggles and school work for me ahead.

I’m off to make my breakfast smoothie – have a fab day! 

Love xo

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