And now. . It’s time to plan for a future that I know I have.

Since I have been in a good place for quite some time now, 5 months to be exact. I have come to realize that my future is possible and holds many opportunities. For the longest time I couldn’t see past the moment. I got stuck on things too easily; a look, a comment, a fleeting sign. Post diagnosis and medication, I couldn’t see past a few months, always premeditating my downturn. All of a sudden its like a light going on in my head, I DO have a future to plan for and this is where it starts. Maybe I’m getting ahead of myself, then again, maybe I’m right on track.

Lets set some bloody goals!


Self Care:
                   Weekly psychotherapist appointments.
                  Three monthly psychiatrist appointments. (Can I just mention that this is a big time achieved goal for me, there was a time when I HAD to see my psychiatrist at LEAST once a week, I was a walking mess.)
                  Develop a regular sleep/ wake routine
                  Encourage a healthy diet
                  Exercise regularly
                  Relaxation; yoga, , massage, a night on the sofa, hot tub. . etc

Education & Work:
                  Continue with Psychology & Writing classes
                  Continue with part time hospitality job
                  Embark on a part time bookkeeping certificate
                  Explore changing careers
                  Read one new book per month
                  Write at least one new post per month
                  Travel to a new destination at least once per year
                  Socialize at every opportunity
                  Create something

Again, its such a nice feeling to WANT to plan for my future. In light of many a depressive episode this feels like a whole new sense of purpose.

I think these are some legit, achievable goals. I am excited and looking forward to getting to work – As they say, dreams don’t work unless you do!
Love xo

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