A long overdue check in


It’s been a while. My last check in post I wasn’t doing too well with the re-adjustment to school life. I got back into the swing of it, and then out of nowhere I had another low. A few days later however, I got the toothache. It was wretched. I was given antibiotics and pain killers, and it seemed to subside. My mood got back on track – well, a little off from the meds. Last week, my bad mood came back again, and I got the toothache AGAIN. It seems my body is fighting the infection and its having a detrimental effect on my mood.

I kinda stumbled through this semester. I didn’t have high hopes for my grades by the end of it. Buuuut, you know what they say? C’s get degrees! haha I got a B,C & C+. I’m not overly thrilled, but I also didn’t put that much into it, so it’s my own fault of sorts. I’m starting to question my motives with school. I wanted to learn as much as I could about mental health and disorders, but the idea of chasing a degree isn’t something I set out to do. Maybe ill just finish up with these classes for now.

Besides that things have been hunky dory. I’m tired a lot of late, but that’s mainly because I picked up a second job. I’m working at the liquor store at the hotel I also happen to work at. It makes for a lot of time in the one building, but what the hell, I won’t be complaining when I’m sunning myself in the Caribbean come summer.

 My wee mumma comes to visit me in a couple days, so I am super stoked for that. Mumma time. My friend Kate gets married next weekend too, i’m so excited. The taste of summer is in the air and it is just delightful! I hope everyone had a lovely mothers day. Posting this pic in honour of my favourite human in the world. Love you mumma bear <3

 I better get back to work. 
Take care xo

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