2019 – I’m coming for ye!

Hello old friends,

Why, it has been too long. I do apologize. I have been so wrapped up in life lately that free time has been allocated to sleeping only haha

Med wise, things have been ultra stable. Taking the lithium out of my diet has been one of the best things we could have done. I tried the PTSD meds for a few weeks but I didn’t see much of a difference if I’m being honest. My next step in combating the fear and nightmares is going back to weekly sessions with my psychotherapist. I have also been introduced to a course called CBT for insomnia, which I aim to dabble in by the end of January.

All in all, this bipolar thing is STILL pretty under control. 2 whole years and no trips to the psych ward, no severe episodes – I couldn’t ask to be in a better position than right now!

And then the new year comes along, wagging its funny little tail hehe. . .

This years goals you ask?

Well. .  considering I haven’t set myself any goals in almost TWO FREAKING YEARS. . its about time to start making some moves. If you click on that link you can see some of the goals and ideas I had in 2017. I had only been feeling better and balanced for a few months and I was ready to take on, well, life I guess. After setting said goals I spent most of my time enjoying myself and not necessarily working towards anything. I traveled, I laughed, I met new people, I had good days and I had bad days, but overall I managed to live my life. Something that I thought was long gone during the depths of my bipolar. The fun has to . . not stop. .  but be contained. I want to balance my lifestyle; having fun whilst achieving goals.

So lets run at it again shall we:

Self Care:

  • Biweekly psychotherapy appointments
  • Three monthly psychiatrist appointment
  • CBT for insomnia
  • Regular sleep/ wake schedule
  • Healthy diet
  • Regular exercise
  • Relaxation; walk, massage, night on the sofa, hot tub etc
  • Explore bookkeeping course
  • Listen to two new podcasts per week
  • Read one new book per month
  • Write one new post per month
  • Write one new creative piece per month
  • Submit regularly to competitions & publications (Four per year)
  • Listen to one new album per week
  • Volunteer
  • Travel to a new destination annually
  • Socialize, Socialize, Socialize
  • Create something

So, really, these goals are pretty similar to the last ones. Uuuuft. But I tell you, I’m closer this time.

The most recent change in my life has been trying out a different career path. Unfortunately, this meant giving up my studies. Primarily I lost attendance marks in my classes and even though I was getting good marks, it meant that the average grade was lowered and it didn’t fill me with motivation to continue. I feel like I got a lot out of these courses, I wanted to learn about Mental Illness to help understand and move forward from my own situation and I do believe I have achieved that!

My new job has filled me with confidence and promotes an all-around healthy lifestyle with regular sleep/wake routine, nutrition and fitness. YES, I do work with a bunch of personal trainers and I bloody love it! It keeps me in my all too familiar area of Front Desk but branches me out into a different industry and within the next 6 months will also allow me to utilize my bookkeeping skills. My hope is to intertwine my career with a business management course, perhaps something online would work best around my busy schedule and that way I won’t lose out in attendance marks.

In other news. . Well I gone and did it, didn’t I? I put myself out there. With less than high expectations to be fair, but nonetheless, I have wound up meeting a wonderful man. We just celebrated our first Christmas and New Year together and I could not be happier. <3

You can’t knock this smile 2019 – LET’S GO!

I hope your new year has started off well. If 2018 was a shite one for you, it really can only get better from here right?

Love xo

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