10 things I learned in my 30s

I’ll admit, I wasn’t open to learning a great deal of new things in my 20’s. life moved a mile a minute and if wasn’t being swept up in the current, I was digging my bed in the dirt.

Self development, in pursuit of stable mental health, didn’t blossom in my life until my late 20’s and early 30 ‘s, and even though the learning will never stop, here are some of my key takeaways of adulting for positive change and mental wellness.

✨ No is a full sentence; I will not sacrifice my boundaries to meet other peoples needs.

✨ Someone else’s issue is not my burden. There’s a difference between being empathic and being a martyr.

✨What doesn’t kill you, doesn’t kill you. It might not necessarily make you stronger.

✨ Sometimes the best family isn’t ‘family’.

✨ Unlearn who they told you to be and learn who you are.

✨ Inner children need to play, creativity is in our makeup.

✨ You have more value than you let yourself believe, be kind to yourself.

✨ Nobody has it figured out yet, find your own path. Beat your own drum.

✨ Asking for help is a strength not a weakness, there is power In community.

✨ Don’t let anyone write your story, control the narrative.

Love xo

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